Creative R&D Center

A key competence

Toda Kogyo Corp. has detailed know how to modify or amplify specific physical properties of materials, like conductivity, magnetism, electrical capacity, absorption and desorption, refraction, reactivity and selectivity, surface kinetics … Crystal structure, purity, doping and particle size can be adjusted by controlling purity, temperature, pH and other conditions during the processes.

TODA has been conducting research and development in material science for a broad field of inorganic materials for decades. Today, Toda Kogyo´s Creative R&D Center is enhancing Toda´s solid state chemistry know how. It is here where the Toda group finds answers to questions such as, "What synthetic conditions should we use to create materials that offer improved functions and a better performance demanded by today's market?", "How do we produce high-quality materials based on advanced technology?", and "What material properties can be combined with properties of other material to create new functions?"

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