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Electromagnetic Compatibility Solutions

Materials and devices to eliminate electromagnetic interference safely and effectively in the information technology society

  • Electric-wave absorber materials/electromagnetic interference and noise-suppressing sheets and materials
  • Ferrite sheets for IC tags
  • Metal-compatible IC tags

With numerous highly sophisticated IT devices, wireless devices, automotive electronic devices, and other electronics surrounding us, the electromagnetic environment is creating an ever-increasing number of issues. In order to transmit and receive high-quality communications and images, for even to operate properly, electronic devices are required to coexist in a variety of electromagnetic environments. In the RFID communications devices that have become more and more common in recent years, such as IC tags, our magnetic sheets are used to prevent internal interference in antenna devices of cell phones. We have also succeeded in developing IC tags, that can be used on metal, composed of magnetic antennas based on a new fundamental principle, and are proactively pursuing component business in this area