Principles & Vision

Management Principle

Our group will further improve the particle synthesis technology we have developed with iron oxides and will always continue lively growth and development.

We will work on a foundation built on sincerity and trust, and we will bring together our creativity and manufactur- ing strength to make a contribution to society in general with attractive new materials and solutions that are full of originality.

Management Policy

  • We will establish a management foundation as “Manufacturing Company” that can contribute to society and will continue to grow and develop even 100 years after its establishment.
  • We will refine our only-one technologies and continue to offer products and solutions that have high added value.
  • We will become a company that its essential on a global level and increase the corporate value of the group.
  • We will seek the happiness of our employees and their families and will be a company that is constantly trusted by our stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

  • We will act quickly to offer products and solutions that respond to the requirements of the customers.
  • The whole company will come together as one, with manufacturing, engineering, sales and management working enthusiastically together.
  • We will be corporate citizens who are faithful and fair and will act with a strong sense of ethics.
  • We will improve our dignity as individuals and will continue to have pride, hope and dreams for the future.
  • We will work for harmony and symbiosis with the local community and with the global environment.