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Out of the disaster and damage of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Toda Kogyo Corp. emerged as a world leading specialist in solid state chemistry. Solid state chemistry is an environmentally friendly technology to design innovative physical properties into inorganic materials or crystals. Examples of these physical properties are conductivity, magnetism, electrical capacity, absorption and desorption, refraction, reactivity and selectivity, surface kinetics …

The Toda Group is proud to be one of the world leading producers of advanced solid state particles. Based on a century of experience in designing iron oxide crystals, Toda Kogyo has broadened the expertise into a wide range of inorganic compounds.

Creative R&D centers - well equipped with latest technology - develop with careful attention to the requirements of Toda´s customers’ specific materials and solutions required in a changing world driven by communication and information technology, energy efficiency and storage, life style and environmental consciousness.

Long term experience in the manufacturing of solid state particles enables Toda Kogyo to quickly transfer technology and product innovations into production scale materials and to meet - in this respect - the ever growing demand of the world leading technology companies.