Solid state chemistry

A wide range of crystal shapes, configurations, properties

Solid state chemistry is the art to design specific physical properties into materials. Many of these materials are well known, as they exist in nature, e.g. iron oxide who colors our fields. Solid state material can be crystals, powders or preparations thereof. Toda Kogyo has specific know how to modify or amplify specific physical properties of these materials, like conductivity, magnetism, electrical capacity, absorption and desorption, refraction, reactivity and selectivity, surface kinetics. There is a wide variety of iron oxide particles in which iron and oxygen are linked in different ways, and depending on the chemical and crystal type, shape, size distribution, and surface of iron oxide particles, these have considerable differences in color, hardness, strength, and magnetic and chemical properties. Specific mixed metal oxide crystals have the ability to store energy and are therefore use in advanced Lithium ion batteries.

In order to create materials with the functions and properties that our customers request, we make full use of our knowledge and experience to determine the conditions of synthesis, consider ways in which higher-quality materials can be produced, and decide which compounds to add in order to create new functions.

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