Understanding customers’ needs

Materials as a tool for providing the support our customers need to solve problems

TODA’s high level of expertise and unmatched knowledge, techniques, and know-how built around solid state chemistry allows to attack the problems faced by Toda’s customers with new concepts, and to provide solutions from an advanced materials point of view.

Customers are demanding materials with e.g. increased energy densities. Toda will closely follow these customer needs and identifies the issues that need to be addressed, proposing total solutions including molecular engineering, adjusting solid state technology parameter and processing methods that take advantage of the materials’ properties. All improvement work will be done in close cooperation with the applications developments departments of Toda´s customers, which allows upgrading the required property in customer´s application step by step.

Currently, Toda is meeting a diversifying range of customer needs by making advances in the development and manufacture of electronic components such as metal-compatible IC tags and antenna sheets for RFID use – advances that are made possible through our extensive knowledge of materials.

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